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Application Instructions:

Please complete the application form to apply for the KTHSPSAFL Scholarship Program and submit it to ktpsfl@gmail.com. First Come, First Served! Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Deadline to submit for next school year 2018-2019 is 6/29/2018.The application must be submitted electronically by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on June 29, 2018

We look forward to receiving your application.
Please note; some of the details of this program have been updated. The new details and forms are located at the following links:
    Eligibility    (MS Word format)    (PDF format)
    Application form (MS Word format)     (PDF format)
​   Scoring instructions (MS Word format)  (PDF format) 

Award Criteria:

Ten (10) Scholarship recipients will be selected based on the following factors:

Attending KTHS
• Have sound attendance record
Demonstrate a need for Financial assistance
Maintain an above average academic performance
• Academic/Technical Ability and personality Traits.

Special consideration maybe given to students who have immediate need (but will not be exempted from the Scholarship Assessment process).

Two of the scholarships will be awarded to students majoring in Auto Mechanics Field.

Selection of recipients will be made by KTHSPSAFL Scholarship Committee. All scholarship recipients may be subject to a telephonic interview or face-to-face interview. Recipients of a KTHSPSAFL Scholarship shall not commit any act that indicates dishonesty or moral turpitude or that otherwise could materially injure the KTHSPSAFL's reputation. If such an act is committed by a KTHSPSAFL Scholarship Program recipient, the KTHSPSAFL Scholarship award shall immediately be revoked. All applicants agree to accept the decision as final.

Award Amounts:

The 10 recipients of the KTHSPSAFL Scholarship will receive an award of up to $500 per year, available for one year. 

The scholarships can be used toward the total cost of tuition, fees, books, supplies, required equipment, and other allowable expenses, less other gift aid known at the time of application (scholarships, grants and other awards that do not have to be paid back).

If you are an existing scholarship or grant beneficiary or s benefitting from any other financial aid equal to or more than the JMD equivalent of USD$500, you are not eligible to apply. If however such benefit(s) is/are less, then considerations will be made to award only the difference equaled to USD$500.

Scholarship renewal is contingent upon maintaining a full-time enrollment and continues to have a need.

Application Procedure:

All correspondence throughout the application process is via email. If you do not have an email address you wish to share, you may register an address with a free service such as Yahoo! Mail, Gmail or Windows Live Mail for the purposes of this application.

Be sure to add ktpsfl@gmail.com to your Contacts or Address Book! Students failing to use a valid email address will not be able to receive correspondences. Students who do not regularly check their email for correspondence will not receive consideration.

Applications are evaluated only on the information supplied on your online application. Once the application is submitted, no further additions or changes can be made. Do NOT mail a printed copy or any other materials to KTHSPSAFL Scholarship Program.

The application must be submitted electronically. 

You, the applicant, is solely responsible for submitting all information necessary during the entire application process. 

KTHSPSAFL Scholarship Program will email acknowledgment of receipt of all submitted applications. Applications found to be incomplete as of the application deadline of 7/31/2017 will not be processed. 

All information submitted is considered confidential and is reviewed only by the Scholarship Committee. 

KTHSPSAFL may be use recipient names, photos and other information for promotional purposes.


All applicants will be notified of their status once the committee has reviewed the application. Provisional award recipients will be sent notification requesting additional information be emailed to Scholarship Committee to validate self-declared application information. These provisional recipients must respond completely by the given deadline for further scholarship consideration. Non-recipients will receive notification via email.

Check your email regularly! Not all applicants to the program will be selected as recipients.

Payment of Scholarships

KTHSPSAFL Scholarship Program 
processes the scholarship payments with the recipients and the school (KTHS).

The KTHSPSAFL Scholarship Program is proudly funded by its Members.
Click here to download the 
Scholarship application form.
2016 Scholarship Awarded 9/12/2016 at KTHS campus
Students who received Exam fees assistance
Basil Pennycooke Memorial Scholarship 
- Aqua Foundation.

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