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Juan Paramo, MD
KTHS Past Student Association of Florida - Partners/VIP Non-Grads
Surgical Oncology

Mount Sinai Medical Center
4306 Alton Rd Fl 
Miami Beach, FL 33140 
(305) 674-2397 (Office)
(305) 674-2863 (Fax)
KTHS Past Student Association of Florida is happy to have our VIP/Non-Grads and partners that share our mission and vision for KTHS students and teachers. SHOWERS of THANKS to all of you! 

Here are our trusted partner/VIP Non-Grads being presented with Appreciation Plaques by KTHSPSAFL Director, Karel McIntosh:
Rafael Urbino, DMD
4933 W. Atlantic Ave, Ste 7D
Delray Beach, FL 33445
(561) 381-3800
Fax: (561) 381-3323
email: info@scdentistry.com

Brett Kandell, MD
Specializes in Anesthesiology 

Mount Sinai Medical Center
4300 Alton Rd # 19Z
Miami Beach, FL 33140 
(305) 674-2121 (Office)
(305) 674-2118 (Fax)
Dr. Juan Paramo, MD
Dr. Rafael Urbino, DMD
Dr. Brett Kandel, MD
Thomas W. Mesko, MD
Chief, Surgical Oncology

Comprehensive Cancer Center
Mount Sinai Medical Center
4306 Alton Road, 2nd Floor
Miami Beach, Fl. 33140
(305) 674-2397 Office
(305) 674-2863 Fax

Orlando Santana, MD
Robert Bailey, MD, FACS
Manuel Sivina, MD, FACS
Alan M. Nieder, MD
Director, Non-Invasive Laboratory

Mount Sinai Medical Center
4300 Alton Rd # 208
Miami Beach, FL 33140 
(305) 674-2128 (Office)
General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

4308 Alton Road, Suite 860
Miami Beach, Fl. 33140
(305) 361-1406 Office
(305) 468--6104 Fax

Chief of Vascular Surgery

Mount Sinai Medical Center
4300 Alton Rd, Suite 2240
Miami Beach, FL 33140 
(305) 674-2760 (Office)
(305) 674-2769 (Fax)

Program Director, Urology Residency
Associate Professor, Columbia Univ

Mount Sinai Medical Center
​4302 Alton Road, Suite 540
Miami Beach, Fl. 33140-2800
(305) 674-2499 (Office)
(305) 674-2899 (Fax)
Email: Alan.Nieder@msmc.com
Allstate Insurance: Angela P. Shepherd
11258 Pines Blvd Pembroke Pines, FL 33026
Phone: (954) 374-4511
Email: ashepherd@allstate.com
Website: www.allstate.com

Aston Douglas
Phone: 954-242-4926
Email: aadoug44@bellsouth.net
Dr. Jon Hoseworth
Miami Beach, Florida